Spring Thing2013
Or Fall Fooferall, for our Southern Hemisphere friends.



The 2013 competition was organized by Greg Boettcher.

What to Do

Voting ended on April 28, 2013. If you haven't already played the games, you can download them below.

A big thanks to all who voted in the comp, and to those who donated prizes. And congratulations to all the entrants.

Place Game Author Avg. Std. Dev. No. Votes Prize Chosen  
1 Witch's Girl Mostly Useless 6.85 2.15 13 $370 1 vote for 10 votes for 20 votes for 30 votes for 40 votes for 54 votes for 63 votes for 73 votes for 81 vote for 91 vote for 10
2 A Roiling Original Andrew Schultz 6.08 2.29 13 $171 0 votes for 11 vote for 20 votes for 32 votes for 42 votes for 54 votes for 61 vote for 71 vote for 80 votes for 92 votes for 10
3 Encyclopedia of Elementals Adam Holbrook 5.00 2.55 9 $80 1 vote for 10 votes for 21 vote for 33 votes for 41 vote for 50 votes for 61 vote for 71 vote for 81 vote for 90 votes for 10
All three games in one archive SpringThing2013.zip 
2,495 KB
ST.net IF Archive IF Archive
Encyclopedia of Elementals
by Adam Holbrook
Quest EncyclopediaOf
155 KB
ST.net IF Archive IF Archive
A Roiling Original
by Andrew Schultz
Glulx roil.zip
559 KB
ST.net IF Archive IF Archive
Witch's Girl
by Mostly Useless
1,778 KB
ST.net IF Archive IF Archive
2 KB
ST.net IF Archive IF Archive

You'll need a Quest interpreter to play Encyclopedia of Elementals, and you'll need a Glulx interpreter to play A Roiling Original. To download these, see the links above. To play Witch's Girl, you just need a web browser.

Special Thanks

The Spring Thing would like to thank the following people:

Adam Cadre, for starting the competition;
Mike Snyder, for writing the voting program and for running a mirror;
Peter Seebach, for past hosting and technical help;
Stephen Granade, for occasional advice; and
the prize donors, for their generosity. here here


Obviously, the general purpose of Spring Thing is to promote interactive fiction. More specifically, there are three aims that make the Spring Thing different from the annual IF Comp:

  1. To provide a place for promoting medium-sized to long works of interactive fiction.
  2. To provide some springtime relief to the dry season between the autumn deluges of the IF Comp.
  3. To encourage excellence in game authorship and discourage shoddiness. (The entry fee seems to be fairly effective for this purpose, usually weeding out substandard games.) .

Feel free to send questions or comments to: